Vietnamese Bún cá - meet the 36 year old Dung from Hanoi and her outstanding fish noodle soup recipe
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After an exciting grocery shopping at a wonderful local market, Dung started preparing the Vietnamese cuisine classic Bún Cá in her kitchen. Bún cá is a noodle soup with fried fish. It is an elaborate dish as it involves many individual preparation steps and needs a lot of ingredients. However, the taste of the soup is indescribably delicious and it is worth every single hour spent in the kitchen to make it. Together with Dung’s best friends I enjoyed her delicious recipe.

Dung is 36 years old, originally from Haiphong and lives together with her sister, who is 16 years younger, in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Dung has been living and cooking in a small apartment in the modern and popular „Smart City“ district for two years. She works for a company that handles visa issues for foreigners who want to work in Vietnam.

Behind every homemade dish is hiding a human life and a unique story.

A veiled woman, after preparing 3 homemade dishes in her wok, sits behind her kitchen and looks into the camera
Queena behind her stall at the central market in Sibu, Malaysia, Borneo. Learn Queena's story and a mind-blowing curry recipe in the second Malaysia episode in December

Every day millions of delicious meals and unique recipes are prepared at home. Since we can’t be everywhere unfortunately, we probably pass by more closed doors to living spaces than open ones. But sometimes something wonderful happens, something very sensual. From these private worlds, tantalizing smells enter our noses through a small window slit or a door crack. Curious, we wonder what delicious food is being prepared there and who is preparing it. How many breakfasts, lunches or dinners have we participated in this way in our lives, namely in passing?

There is a very strong memory of a feeling from my childhood. On Saturday mornings, I would often lie in my parents‘ living room. I did nothing but lie there and feel embraced by two great things that were happening around me at the same time. The very soothing and monotonous sound of my father’s lawn mower humming from the backyard and the wonderful smells from my mother’s kitchen where she was preparing a home-cooked meal. Meals at my parents‘ house are still associated with this memory of my childhood Saturdays.

Preparing food and eating it together for me are a universal language. It can connect people not through words but through senses. And yet, behind each of the millions of dishes that are cooked every day behind mostly closed doors there is always one single person with an individual life story. I would like to tell about these people in my films. People who not only cook but with their story make a recipe and its preparation an unforgettable and personal experience. 

A woman holds homemade food in her left hand while opening a big blue door

I am happy about every door that not only lets seductive scents out through small slits but opens up completely to the story behind it.

Hi, my name is Bastian

With The Global Cookbook I want to tell fascinating stories about people and their country-specific recipes. My films and photos want to entertain, arouse curiosity and connect people and cultures, but most of all inspire you to cook. I look forward for your company on my journey.


A blue house in the countryside of Malaysia. What stories, people, homemade recipes and dishes might be waiting behind this door?

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