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Hi, I´m Bastian, founder of The Global Cookbook. 

I had my first thoughts about this project during a trip to Laos in 2018. Overwhelmed by an adventurous hike through the Laotian rainforests, a question popped up in my mind that evening. What would happen, if I could exclusively combine the things I love, namely cooking, traveling and telling stories about people, into one universe. That night, at the banks of the Mekong the first idea for The Global Cookbook was born.

Ten years before that night at the Mekong, I was already fascinated by people and their stories. After I had finished school, I moved to Berlin with a friend and applied to each and every Berlin theatre with a single sentence. I received no answer, except from German theatre legend Claus Peymann. After three years as assistant director at the Berliner Ensemble I started telling my own stories as theatre and film director at the age of 24. 

The main focus and sheer basic in all my work was and will always be one thing – 
the human being.

The Global Cookbook is a lifetime project. It was initially launched in 2022 after a four-year planning phase. I am a stage and film director with 15 years of international production experience plus 20 years of expertise in editing and photography

For The Global Cookbook I am currently working with freelancers in different countries on location. After the experiences of the first year, my wish for the future would be to work together with a growing team on the visions and future of The Global Cookbook.

Learn more about the mission and goals of The Global Cookbook here. 



My age

What i cook most often for friends
Coq au Vin, Korean Chicken Dumplings or Peruvian Aji de Gallina

A culinary experience i will never forget
I will never forget the moment in Lima when the first bite of my peruvian friend’s grandmother’s incomparable Cevice went into my mouth. Tasting shark, coriander, red onions, limes and fruity aji limo chilis together was a sensory rush for me. The absolutely unique taste of Cevice pretty much eclipsed anything I’d had the pleasure of tasting before.

An as yet unachieved culinary destination

I can´t live without
Music, pretzels, theatre, nonsense and seriousness

Blue and yellow Intro character of The Global Cookbook Episodes
One of the characters from the series intro


If you have any questions about The Global Cookbook drop us a mail. We look forward to your message.

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Chi | Hanoi, Vietnam | Episode 6

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