This documentary series
is a mission


The Global Cookbook is a gift to the future as it encapsules our present world. With this long-term project we tell various personal stories of people, their daily lives and their culture. We capture the joys, sorrows, hopes, challenges and emotions of their everyday life. All portraits have one thing in common – preparing a typical dish of the country’s cuisine at home. There is no script, all stories are told exclusively by the films‘ protagonists. In these times of growing exclusion, climate change and populism we are aiming to raise people’s curiosity about other people again. With this project we are promoting the diversity of cultures and celebrating the life of each individual. For a respectful future where global challenges can only be solved together.

Mr. Syamsudin | Jakarta, Indonesia | Episode 14


With the stories in our films, we want to make people curious about people. We hope that one day The Global Cookbook will become the largest multilingual and open-access cinemathèque for the preservation, exchange of cultures, cuisines and different ways of life around the world.

We really want to make a difference!

We really want to make a difference! The stories in our films should be the key to something bigger. In the future, we would like to expand our support of the United Nations Clean Cooking Alliance and are working towards a collaboration. The organization is committed to clean and emission-free cookstoves in developing countries.

Queena | Sibu, Borneo, Malaysia | Episode 4

everyday people, everyday live


Preparing food and sharing a meal are universal to mankind. It connects people not through language but senses. And yet, behind each of the million dishes cooked every day behind mostly closed doors there is always one single person with an individual life story. We are telling you about these people. People who not only cook but along with their story create a unique recipe.

Kak | Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand | Episode 10


Chi | Da Nang, Vietnam | Episode 7

In order to provide barrier-free access to the films for as many people worldwide as possible, all films will be available on YouTube and translated into all main world languages.


Over the next 15 years we plan 500 film portraits in 195 countries. With this portfolio The Global Cookbook would then be the largest freely accessible cinematèque in the world showcasing the preservasion and exchange of culture, life and cuisine.
Accompanied is this evergrowing archive by
  • Panel discussions in different countries with protagonists raising awareness about local and global political connections and cultural backgrounds
  • The translation of the films into the main world languages
  • expand our support of the United Nations Clean Cooking Alliance and are working towards a collaboration

Rüdiger | Freiburg, Germany | Episode 3

„Find your own path in this complicated world. No matter how old you are, you might want to figure out what you want your life to be like.“

Oanh | Hanoi, Vietnam | Episode 8