The Clean Cooking Alliance is a United Nations organization. It advocates for clean cooking in many countries around the world, as nearly one in three people rely on polluting fuels such as charcoal, wood and kerosene. This type of „dirty cooking“ is a major cause of carbon emissions and costs the lives of about four million people each year.

I support this organization with a fixed portion of my income. You can find out more about the mission of the Clean Cooking Alliance here.

You can support them directly here.

For many years I have loved the music of London musician Tom Rosenthal. Many of his musical universes are like a big inspirational hug to me. When I started thinking about what the Global Cookbook films should feel like, Tom Rosenthal’s song „Forest On The Way There“ brought me very close to that feeling.

After I told Tom Rosenthal about the idea for The Global Cookbooks and how I felt, he offered to support me with his song for the intro of the series. So his song is with me to this day as it has become a wonderful part of the Global Cookbook.

Thanks Tom!

Excerpt from the intro of The Global Cookbook series about home cooking and homemade recipes.

It was clear very early on, that the episodes of The Global Cookbook should not begin with an intro of real images, but instead with a very universal visual language.

It was a great pleasure to work with Uzbek illustrator Yulia Drobova and Russian animator Bela Unclecat to develop the intro story for The Global Cookbook. After discovering by chance their joint music video for „When we remain“, I immediately fell in love with their aesthetic of colors, movements and shapes. I’m delighted every time by the little universe at the beginning of each episode.

Thank you Yulia & Bela!

A huge thanks to all those who support THE IDEA of the global cookbook